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Our commitment to anti-racism and racial healing.

Yes, Black Lives Matter!

Hakomi is a method for open-heartedness and cultivating deep connection, yet, in our practice, we have a distance to walk to fulfill the promise of this work in contributing to a global community that can hold all of us, with equal love and dignity, in the fullness of our racial, gender, sexual, differently-abled bodies, age, national and religious identities. 

In this pivotal moment, with our expanding collective consciousness of racial injustice and oppression, we commit to a practice that honors that none of us are truly liberated until all of us can be held in the wholeness of our humanity by our collective body. We commit to actively dismantling structures of racist oppression in our organization and work.

As Hakomi Cascadia and as part of the Hakomi Education Network, we are committing to a process of reflection, learning and actions to both increase the representation within our organizations and also creating Hakomi offerings for racial healing. In this spirit, we welcome all input and engagement for how to step up to the calling of doing the necessary anti-racist work to create a world where love can manifest in our societies as racial justice.

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