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Guideline & Confidentiality Agreement

This practice group is led by certified Hakomi practitioners and advanced students under supervision by certified Hakomi trainer Maru Serrano.

  • Participants will likely share personal stories and vulnerable experiences. ALL INFORMATION SHARED OR REVEALED DURING THE PRACTICE GROUP IS STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. Please, refrain from sharing the identities of participants and what has been shared in the workshop space in any other context without explicit permission from the person(s) in question.

  • The practice group is being recorded. It will only include the moments that practices are offered and will mostly show only the facilitators. The purpose of recording is for supervision with Maru Serrano, so the facilitators can get feedback on how to evolve the practice groups and as future Hakomi teachers.

  • When you register, you register to receive reminder emails for the period of time this weekly event is offered and other emails related to the event. If you want to be taken off the email list, contact us at the email below.

Please reach out to us if you have questions or objections to this.

You are always welcome to communicate with any member of the practice group team at

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