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Our mission

Hakomi Cascadia is a community for practicing and sharing the Hakomi method in Oregon, Northern California and beyond. We are committed to creating an open and accessible space that is non-hierarchical and welcomes the full diversity of our human identities. We particularly value the capacity of the method in expanding our connection with our embodied selves, others and the natural world. We take seriously the implications of this experience of unity for how we distribute dignity and power in our society: it compels us to actively work towards creating communities that can hold each one of us in the wholeness of our humanity, and in sacred relationship with the environment. 

You can learn and practice Hakomi with us through individual sessions or with groups, in-person and online. We speak English and Spanish; and we are also part of a global network of Hakomi groups called the Hakomi Education Network.

Learn more about our network, the Hakomi Method and sister Hakomi groups we collaborate with:


"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes"

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