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  • What is the Hakomi method?
    Hakomi is based on relational mindfulness, somatic explorations and deep compassion. The method is at its best when the work is driven by an open curiosity and awareness in the client of their present moment experience. We are not interested in conversations about one’s past or analyzing one’s situation; instead we create a safe and loving space, to slow down and listen deeply to what emerges spontaneously within. This offers a door into our core beliefs about who we are and how we relate to the world; as well as what is needed to heal and transform our limiting beliefs that create unnecessary suffering. This gentle yet powerful approach can be practiced one-to-one with a trained Hakomi practitioner or in a group setting. You can read more about the method and watch some videos here
  • Which time zone is the online events in?
    Our online trainings and practice groups schedule is in the pacific time zone (PDT). This means that our morning sessions works well with the European time zones and our afternoon/evening sessions works well with Asian time zones. If you're unsure on how your time zone works with PDT and/or need the exact time, you can use this time zone converter
  • What do I need?/How do I prepare for an online training or practice group?
    Our training uses the Zoom as a teleconferencing platform. You are not required to download the application, simply click on the link sent in the reminder emails after registration to log on. You will need a big screen (laptop, Ipad, or computer screen) with a high-speed internet that can support voice and video. Our online events are interactive, which means we have our video on during the sessions We recommend logging on 5 minutes before the training starts to avoid any delays for you or other participants. Any resources that can provide you more comfort (warm tea, a blanket) We will sometimes need a mat and some floor space for sensorimotor exploration if needed Your curiosity and beginners mind😊
  • Are the online trainings and practice groups being recorded?
    Yes. The recordings will only include the moments that practices are offered and will mostly show only the trainer/facilitators. The purpose of recording the trainings is to evolve the training content in the future. The purpose of recording of the practice groups is for supervision with Maru Serrano, so the facilitators can get feedback on how to evolve the practice groups and as future Hakomi teachers. Kindly let us know if this is an issue for you by emailing us at
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