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Always beginning

After the launching of Hakomi Cascadia Yerina, Jendi and myself met. We talked till dark; we had started just right before twilight. Our screens shifted from shade to darker shade, to Velazquez and Zuloaga paintings, to darkness...

It was going to be ten minutes but, in the context of a pandemic outbreak, our west being on fire, and all the unnecessary suffering of oppression and privilege coming to light, and having shared the grief, we ended up just letting time stretch itself, comfortable in the sheltered container of our unconditional kindness for each other.

Someone in our meeting earlier had shared a quote from Porges: "Safety is not the absence of threat, it is the presence of connection". And here we were, enacting it, welcoming the intimacy that can only arise from a deep shared felt sense of unity.

May our lives be like a circle

without corners to accumulate anything

may they flow endlessly

like water from sky to earth and back

from birth to birth

from vow to vow cascading and evaporating

sharing the miracle of all things.

And may be always be beginning,

in acknowledgement of what has been,

awe of what is,

and reverence of what's to come.

Thank you all for being there,



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