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Hakomi as Spiritual Practice
with Donna Martin and Flint Sparks

21st of May - 28th of May, 2022

Hui Retreat Center, Moloka'i, Hawaii

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We are delighted that you are interested in this rare opportunity to spend an intimate week with Donna Martin and Flint Sparks, immersed into the spiritual heart of Hakomi on the island of Moloka‘i, Hawaii. 


Donna and Flint will offer instruction and personal assistance throughout the week and every person, at every level of experience, will be able to open to a more spacious mind, a more relaxed body and a more open heart. The retreat setting, the trees, the birds, and the air all conspire to help you settle into the receptive and healing arms of what the Hawaiians call “Mother Molokai.”




The Hui rests on sacred ground, 1350 feet above sea level, with a panoramic view over the ocean and surrounded by the lush greenery of one of the most unspoiled islands of Hawaii.


Rooms are double occupancy and your experience will be simple and close to the earth. 

The Hui also has a chlorine-free outdoor pool, several outdoor tubs, a dedicated massage room and a massage therapist.


The Hui is known for its delicious and healthy cuisine. Professional cooks prepare three fresh meals per day, using vegetables and herbs from the Hui garden. Meals are mainly vegetarian, and supplemented by eggs, chicken and local meats. They are created and served ‘family style.’ Most of what is served is organic and wheat-free.
































Each person needs to arrange their own travel to the Hui Ho’olana Retreat Center.


There are no direct international flight to Moloka’i (island where our retreat is located),  therefore we suggest you fly first to Hawaii (most commonly, Honolulu International Airport on Oahu Island), and then fly to Moloka’i with an inter-island flight.


We will attempt to organize pick-up at the local Moloka’i airport, although this cannot be guaranteed. Rental cars will be available at the airport. Taxis and other transportation are limited on the island.

Once you register we can offer you more information and support in booking your travel to and from the island.


















The retreat costs a total of US$ 2,500. Your fees cover the entire program, meals and lodging (double occupancy). Airfare is not included.




Please fill out form below to register and we will get back to you within 48 hours with your invoice. 


If you have any questions, please contact us at info@hakomicascadia.com.

Please note that the Hui Ho'olana Retreat Center is requiring all guests to be vaccinated against Covid-19. Please contact us at info@hakomicascadia.com if you have any questions about this.

Thank you for booking!